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Notes to contributors

The editors, the reviewers and you will save time if you follow these instructions and it will also accelerate the process of publication.

Contributions should be sent only in electronic form to info@metaphorik.de. Accepted languages are German, English, French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese and Spanish. For contributions in German, only the new German orthography is accepted. 

1. Procedure

All contributions should be sent, preferably, by E-mail-attachment to info@metaphorik.de. If you wish to send it by snail mail, please add a floppy disk or a CD. Please send your contribution rtf-formatted, if possible (graphics in jpg format or sent with a copy which will be scanned and returned to you). The manuscript will be reviewed immediately. Authors are asked to check their reviewed manuscript very carefully before submission. Please return the checked manuscript to the editors within four weeks after reception.

2. Format

Please read the following instructions carefully because they will facilitate the process of editing the electronic version of metaphorik.de. 

Please use the following formats available in Word:

Heading of first order (title): Heading 1 

Heading secondary order (chapter): Heading 2 

Headings in the third order (subchapter with two or three Numbers): Heading 3

Main text: Standard, block letters

Quotations (longer than 3 lines): Block letters

Corpus: Numbered

Bibliography: Body Text indent

Footnotes: Footnotes. Please enumerate your footnotes

No hyphenation please!

3. Structure

Your contribution should be structured following the numerical system which means 1. or 1.1. or 1.1.1 [...].

Only subscapters up to the third level are accepted (hence no Please do not add manual space between the different sections of your article. We will prepare the final layout and you can check it when we return it to you!

4. Contributions

4.1. Articles

Please pay attention to the following order: Title, subtitle, name of the author (if there is more than one author, please separate names with a line, no space between line and name!), email address.

Abstract in English and, if possible, in German (not more than 150 words!)

4.2. Reviews

We accept short reviews (max. 750 words) and long reviews (max. 2000 words).

Please pay attention to the following order: Author of the reviewed book, year of publication, title and subtitle, place, publishing house (author of the review, email address).

Example: Andrew Goatly, 1998, The Language of Metaphors, London. (Claudia Polzin, polzin@web.de)

5. Footnotes and quotations in the text

Please use "double qoute" for quotations in the text and 'single quotation marks' for quotes within quotes.

Use [...] to indicate an omission.

You can give your quotation references in the text or within footnotes.

Quotation references in the text accord to the scheme: author (year: page)

Example: Following Osthus (2000:312) metaphor seems to be...

Literature that is only mentioned has to be written in italics and without quotation marks.



Quotation references within footnotes: author: half-title, number of pages

Please use ‘ibid.’ only for identical references within the same footnote.


6. Quotations from your corpus

The text of your quotes taken from a corpus should always be in italics. Quotes should be numbered. The relevant structures have to be formatted in italics and bold.


The blue light interacts with the vibrational state of the molecules in the sample and appears as a scattered green light. (source, date, column, page)

Please note that often a large context is relevant for the interpretation and analysis of metaphorical and metonymic structures. So please do not reduce your quotes to just one line or the relevant metaphorical structures. The source of your quote has to be mentioned!

7. Bibliography

The bibliography appears at the end of the contribution and is ordered alphabetically. If you have more than one book published by the same author, please list them chronologically.

Insert one space between each reference.

Please avoid page references that are imprecise (f., ff.).

Please quote online sources by giving the address and the date of access.


Austin, Kathryn (2001): "Small Cars and their Names in English", in: Jaguar, Paul (Ed.): Products and their Names in English, Edinburgh..

Dolphin, Serena (2000): "Metaphors for Language", in: Metaphor and Speach 23, 135-243.

Meierbeer, Kunigunde/Schöller, Christian (edd.): (2000): Metaphor, Metonymy and Contiguity, London.

Oetker, Dagobert (2000): The Verb 'eating', Onomasiological studies of eating in French and Spanish, London.


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