About metaphorik.de

About metaphorik.de

What about metaphorik.de?

metaphorik.de is a forum for scientific exchange concerning questions about metaphor and metonymy.

One essential point is the support and encouragement of a general comprehensive and interdisciplinary discussion about metaphor and metonymy.

metaphorik.de is situated in the centre of this online project.

We believe that an open discussion between literary criticism, cultural studies and linguists, for example, may open new ways of scientific investigation.

The general interest of metaphorik.de therefore lies in offering a platform where the diversity of research on metaphor and metonymy is encouraged and respected in order to avoid a monoculture or a fragmentation of the scientific mind.

Additionally, you can find reviews of recently published literature treating metaphor and metonymy.

Here you can find our list of reviews. Please follow our notes to contributors before sending your review.

metaphorik.de offers as well:

- actual information about dates and conferences

- our collection of articles (articles already published elsewhere)

- a link list of relevant articles published online

- the “metaphor box”

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