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Pixel meets Print: metaphorik.de now available as a printed edition

metaphorik.de will be available as a printed edition from the summer issue 2007 onwards.

To pastures new!

The online journal metaphorik.de has become – since its first issue six years ago – a widely read and well-established scientific journal covering a broad range of research on metaphor and metonymy. Its readership grows constantly – as indicated by the log-statistics and the continuing feedback of the readership.

The new printed edition opens up new perspectives for readers, university libraries and departments of universities. We, however, adhere to our open-access-policy: metaphorik.de will still be accessible on the internet without any limitation!

Printed edition or printout?

The printed edition and the online version will be published simultaneously. This assures a prompt publication of research on metaphor and metonymy.

Two out of several advantages of the printed version for a continuous reader are:

low costs (well-priced printed edition instead of costly and time-consuming printouts) and

a compact and concise archive of most current articles dealing with research on metaphor and metonymy.


Single issue: 18 €; subscription: 15,00 € per issue

Special issue (proceedings): 34,00 €; price for subscribers: 28,00 €

Subscription can be cancelled at earliest after one year.


For further information and questions please contact the editorial office (info@metaphorik.de) or the Wehrhahn Verlag (info@wehrhahn-verlag.de, keyword: metaphorik.de).

We are very pleased to cooperate with Matthias Wehrhahn, a competent partner and publisher.

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