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metaphorik.de 26/2016

Science and Metaphor: A Truly Interdisciplinary Perspective. The Third International metaphorik.de Workshop

Olaf Jäkel, Martin Döring, Anke Beger

There is no science without fancy
and no art without facts.
(Vladimir Nabokov)

Metaphor is an important epistemological ingredient in doing science. Science, technology, engineering, computing, mathematics and medicine heuristically use metaphors and discursively employ imagery to formulate hypotheses, to interpret scientific results, to propose new avenues for research and to communicate them to a wider public. Metaphors provide scientists with ways to interpret, present and manipulate data within particular scientific disciplines, in interdisciplinary as well as in extra-scientific contexts. They allow scientists and non-scientists to – sometimes cooperatively – explore highly abstract domains of knowledge and to contextualise and negotiate complex information. In brief, metaphorical reasoning is a basic ingredient in doing science because the conceptual power of metaphors provides scientists with efficient and productive ways to interpret and explore natural phenomena and processes.


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